Ja'Nean Palacios

Nearing his 30s, Bob Ngo has entertained children of all ages with his intellectual/pervert shtick.  A long time U2 fan, he cites Bono and the boys as his inspiration for taking a closer look at popular culture.  "Their Pop Mart tour was actually an incredibly deft commentary on the transition of popular culture to the digital age.  Only really smart people, like myself, got it," said Bob in an 2001 interview.  Bob primary expertise is in the area of television, where he is able to identify plots of Brady Bunch episodes by watching only the first five seconds of the show.  In a former life, he was the drummer in a Tucson band called Froetus, which was seemingly on the way to electornica stardom until lead singer Jim Froetus took his own life with a bottle of sleeping pills.  Bob describes his approach to analyzing popular culture as the "What about Me?" approach, which combines production of culture theory with unchecked capitalism.  In his spare time, Bob is trying to teach himself to play early 90's hit, "More than Words" on his brand new Martin acoustic guitar.

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A Quick Primer on Ja'Nean and Bob

Ja'Nean Bob
Favorite Ice Cream Dulce de Leche FrozenYogurt Rocky Road
Favorite Brit Pop Band Elastica Oasis
Favorite Teen Pop Tart Avril Lavigne Christina Aguilera
Favorite Real World Character Ever Neil from Real World London David from Real World New Orleans
Obscure M.A. Topic Curly Hair Black College Basketball Coaches
Marital Status Ball and Chain attached for a little over a year Single ladies, Single and Available
Same Sex Crush Justine Frischmann Tony Hawk