The Pop Life Radio Show can be heard on 91.9 KCSB in Santa Barbara on Tuesdays from 4AM to 6AM. 

On the show, the hosts, BN and JP discuss the world of pop culture and entertainment as viewed through the lens of two critical sociologists who are trying to get out of doing real work. We like to think of it as a smarter, more critical version of entertainment tonight. We cover the same kinds of topics, but insted of just talking about how great celebrities are, we try to relate the worlds of popular culture and entertainment to core sociological issues such as race, gender, and class. Don't get us wrong, we still like to gossip about the latest celebrity romances and things like that. We just think that these kind of things can be analyzed in a way that is relevant to the larger picture of how we function as a culture. We hope that you enjoy listening

The show first aired in the fall of 2003 on KJUC 770/880AM in Santa Barbara.  770/880 AM is the training station for the official UCSB radio station, 91.9 FM KJUC.  Subsequent stints on KJUC occurred during the winter and spring of 2005.

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