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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

pop life radio show june 28, 2005

pop life radio show on 91.9 KCSB, Santa Barbara from June 28, 2005 (34.9MB)

after much super crappy sounding recordings from my laptop, jp and i have decided that we're just going to go exclusively with using the studio's CD recorder. it just sounds a lot better. it will probably be more expensive for JP and I since we now have to shell out the cash for blank cds but we live to serve you o' faithful listener. but you'll have to endure a weird jump during one of the songs or one of the PSAs since we have to change cds halfway through the show. anyways, the audio vault which has all of the canned station IDs and PSAs on it wasn't working and i couldn't get my ipod to work on the station's board either, and i was working the board, so you can expect some rought spots from a technical standpoint. but other than that, a pretty decent show. anyways, todays topics include live 8, the box office slump, and the supreme court ruling on the grokster case. enjoy!


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