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Monday, July 11, 2005

Podcast url changed

i'm screwing with the xml feed to make it more itunes friendly, so there is a new xml feed that you need to subscribe to if you are doing the whole podcasting thingee. you can either click here or point your podcast software to:

i've just reloaded the podcast to itunes, so if you are doing that whole thing, you'll have to resubscribe there as well. it's not up on the itunes yet, so it may take a few days for itunes to start listing us again.

lastly, the old xml feed is still working, but i would recommend switching over, as i don't think i'll be maintaining that one as vigilantly.

sorry if i've inconvenienced you. i've already made the changes on the xml button on the right. so you can always just click there. we've got a show tomorrow morning so hopefully we'll talk to you then.


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