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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

pop life radio show now available via itunes

the new version of itunes has podcast functionality built in (you can download it here). for those of you with ipods, you can now subscribe to our feed simply by going to the podcast directory which is located in the itunes music store and then typing in "pop life" into the search box. our podcast should be the first selection. click on subscribe and whenever you sync your ipod, the latest episode of pop life will automatically be delivered to your ipod every week for listening on the bus, car, or while you work out. those of you without ipods can still have the show downloaded automatically to itunes and listen to it on your computer. very cool.

of course, you can still subscribe to the podcast via other podcast software by directing your software to the xml feed.

also, for those of you who don't have ipods, i still heartily recommend itunes as a default music player for your computer. it's functionality pretty much blows anything else i've seen out of the water.


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