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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

KCSB's Pop Life 09-27-05

KCSB's Pop Life 09-27-05 (31.5 MB)

today's topics include the American Film Institute and their latest wacky list, the rock and roll hall of fame nominees, oprah and her power to make money for anything and everything, including her new broadway musical, suppositions about what a kaballah wedding is like, and why the whole weird bruce willis-demi moore-ashton kutcher being all chummy seems to work out. we're in the new studio for the first time, so there are some glitches in the recording, including the fact that the first whole 15 minutes got cut out, so you don't get to hear me and JP talk about SAG's new president alan rosenburg. anyways, this is the last show of the summer schedule. we'll find out on sunday if our KCSB contract has been renewed and when our new time slot will be. i'll post as soon as i know when the new time slot is. anyways, until then, enjoy!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

KCSB's Pop Life 09-20-05

KCSB's Pop Life 09-20-05 (34.2 MB)

today's topics include our emmy awards wrap up, kate moss' drug problems, tom waits suing over someone sounding like him, the fight for CBGB's, and our take on the upcoming fall television season. as always, we celebrate celebrity birthday and gossip about celebrity romances, particularly renee zelwegger. sorry about the late posting, the transition to the brand new KCSB studio is causing all kinds of problems, but what can you do. enjoy!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

KCSB's Pop Life 09-13-05

KCSB's Pop Life 09-13-05 (35.5 MB)

sorry this is up late. i got starting and all. today's topics include paul mccartney selling out, sean penn's "heroism", more about the coverage of hurricane katrina and the role of celebrities in how we cope with disasters of such scope and the role that sports plays in our everyday understanding about culture and our own lives. as always, we celebrate celebrity birthdays and gossip about celebrity romances. for this show, we've decided to try a new format in terms of the order and the number of things we talk about. we would really appreciate any feedback you have about the new format. you can leave feedback in the comments section or email us at enjoy!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

KCSB's Pop Life 09-06-05

KCSB's Pop Life from 09-06-05 (34.5 MB)

today's topics include how the news coverage of hurricane katrina is filtered through existing discourses of race, politics, and class. also, jp is out of town, so it's just me, bob-o running things. to kill time, i re-aired an interview with fellow sociology graduate student stacy furia about her research about the representations of women in films about the military. as usual, we also check the charts. however, we didn't celebrate celebrity birthdays and gossip about celebrity romances because jp usually handles up on that, and i didn't get a chance to look that stuff up. but don't fret, jp will be back next week and and everything will be in its right place. enjoy!