Two UCSB sociology grad students discuss the world of pop culture and entertainment as viewed through a more critical lens weekly on KCSB 91.9 FM in Santa Barbara. We like to think of it as a smarter, more critical version of Entertainment Tonight.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

KCSB's Pop Life 10-26-05

KCSB's Pop Life 10-26-05 (31.7 MB)

today's topics include how some obscure canadian folkies refused to sell out to harry potter, how madonna sold out to CSI, the rise and fall and re-reise of the MTV unplugged phenomenon, how scorpios are ratholes (or have the potential to be), and the racial underpinnings of the new NBA dress code. as always, we check some charts, we celebrate celebrity birthdays, and gossip about celebrity romances. there was something weird going on with the board today, so there may be some intermittent feedback, but nothing too bad. enjoy!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

KCSB's Pop LIfe 10-19-05

KCSB's Pop LIfe 10-19-05 (32.3 MB)

first let me apologize for the lack of show last week. we did one, but i screwed up the recording, so you, o sweet clean podcast listener missed out on a nice discussion about Oprah. anyways, this week's topics include the new fall television season's ratings, bob tells a seedy story about jean-claude van damme, the wrath of the tabloids, and an extended discussion on the concept of cover or tribute bands. as always, we check the charts, we celebrate celebrity birthdays, and we gossip about the latest in celebrity romance. enjoy!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

KCSB's Pop Life 10-05-05

KCSB's Pop Life 10-05-05 (33.9 MB)

today's topic include a tom cruise internet hoax, more on the kate moss coke video, the return of roy horn (of sigfried and roy), nicholas cage's tricked up baby name, and the question of whether it is too soon to make movies about 9-11. as always, we celebrate celebrity birthdays, gossip about celebrity romances and check the movie charts. enjoy!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

new schedule!

hey kids,

looks like the KCSB bigwigs decided to give us another shot for the fall. they improved our time slot slightly. instead of tuesday mornings from 4AM to 6AM, you can now hear us on KCSB 91.9FM in santa barbara on wednesdays from 6AM to 8AM. that's right baby, we're now the morning drive show on KCSB. anyways, if you're inclined, you can also hear us live on the webcast. but as always, we'll post the shows here on the podcast. hope everyone is well, and i'll be back tomorrow with a fresh podcast for you to listen to.